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unable to retrieve kernel symbols vmware fusion el capitan

unable to access sbo-common database di api

mapiexceptioncallfailed unable to mount database exchange 2010

the above filename is invalid solidworks

unable to load the specified metadata resource. code first

event id 15005 unable to bind to the underlying transport

cydia unable to load the certificate for this server is invalid

error: unable to rebuild performance counter setting from system backup store, error code is 5

unable to halt arm core failed to connect

cydia unable to load a server with the specified hostname

unable to resolve the specified servers dns/hostname ventrilo

unable to attach process visual studio 2013

unable to start debugging on the web server could not start asp net debugging

unable to update mailbox sd in the ds. error code 0x80070005

unable to save permission changes on avnotify access is denied

unable to bind to the destination server in dns.

unable to execute file in the temporary directory windows 10

unable to download app at this time

unable to load the specified metadata resource in entity framework

unable to set up vss filesystem directives. failed to backup

unable to connect to the mks could not connect to pipe

takeown access denied server 2008

unable to install canon the specified color profile is invalid

unable to access target machine for request machine name access denied or invalid network path

joomla warning failed to move file unable to upload file

unable to store job at printer insufficient disk space for this job

unable to release guest. error: vsscontrol: failed to freeze guest, wait timeout

the cluster identity may lack permissions required to update the object 1206

unable to load provider failed to load javax.xml.ws.spi.provider

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