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I commented out the ACL sections in the exim.conf and tested incrementally after restarting exim. John. -- John Horne, University of Plymouth, UK Tel: +44 (0)1752 587287 Fax: +44 (0)1752 587001 -- ## List details at http://lists.exim.org/mailman/listinfo/exim-users ## Exim details at http://www.exim.org/ ## Please use the If things work at the { exim -be } prompt, then perhaps you could try: exim -oMa -d+acl+expand -bs and then an SMTP transaction, to see the expansions happen? -Phil I have commented out the filter file. http://0pacity.com/failed-to/failed-to-connect-connection-string-is-provider-sqlncli-1.html

Ss 9:02PM 0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/exim -bd -q30m (exim-4.64-0) mailnull 54973 0.0 0.1 5712 2552 ?? Am unable to find it. If not you'll need to update exim from ports. #14 cPanelNick, Jun 20, 2007 (You must log in or sign up to post here.) Show Ignored Content Loading... No special anti-relaying or such in place - all was working until yesterday.

did the following: mv /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim.BROKEN /scripts/upcp --force /scripts/buildeximconf /scripts/restartsrv exim Still broken. Post navigation ← Check if Hard drive is SATA or SSD Invalid date in Email Trace cpanel → Search for: Recent Posts Incorrect DiskSpace and Information in cPanel Emails going to I tried using telnet to talk to the server directly (we use Postini for MX deliveries) and this is the tail ofthe smtp conversation... [snip - ] rcpt to: [email protected] 250 IthinktheRDNSfeatureshouldgobacktothewayitwasandgetadenyimmediately.Thatisallmypointisinallthis.Idon'tseeanyreasontoplayaroundfortheauthoritativeDNStocomebackonline.Thatisthesender'sproblemnotthereceiver's.

The dnsdb lookup now, by default, preserves the pre-4.70 semantics, but also now takes an extended output separator specification. Thanks for your response and your help in getting it working again.... pyzor is not installed, disabling it in SpamAssassin to save memory SPF is disabled in exim or unavailable, enabling SPF for SpamAssassin Refreshing SMTP Mail protection. For example: > > 2011-02-07 11:37:15 H=(mail.aston.ro) []:35564 > temporarily rejected MAIL : failed to > expand ACL string "${lookup dnsdb {>\n; txt= > $sender_address_domain}}": lookup of "> > > From

BAlfson 0 22 Jan 2013 8:04 PM LookupForwardConfirmedreverseDNS.Cheers-BobSorryforanyshortresponses!PostedfrommyiPhone. Any chance of getting the non-truncated error message, perhaps by replicating at the { exim -be } command-prompt, or doing so with debugging turned on? All rights reserved. Jerry #9 mudduck, Jun 8, 2007 rcmrulzz Member Joined: Dec 14, 2006 Messages: 5 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 Where did you uncheck the spam scores?

Top brosky Posts: 2 Joined: Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:53 pm Re: exim4 and ACL reject all email Quote Postby brosky » Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:00 pm I just had I've got a client that could get really upset if his mail doesn't start working soon. New configuration file was installed. /scripts/mailscannerupdate: This script should not be run manually. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

All rights reserved. Re: [exim] Failed to expand ACL stringCatalàDanskDeutschΕλληνικάEnglishEspañolsuomiFrançaisGalegomagyarItaliano日本語NederlandsPolskiPortuguêsPortuguês BrasileiroTämä viesti kuuluu seuraavaan säikeeseen:Näytä säikeen viestit aikajärjestyksessäMarcin Mirosław 2011-02-07 13:26Phil Pennock 2011-02-07 17:36Lähettäjä: Phil PennockPäiväys: 2011-02-07 17:33 UTCVastaanottaja: John HorneKopio: Exim usersAihe: Re: [exim] Failed to expand ACL stringOn Anyone any ideas? gatekeeper:/var/log#digptr222.94.69.192.in-addr.arpa ;<>>DiG9.6-ESV-R7-P4<>>ptr222.94.69.192.in-addr.arpa ;;globaloptions:+cmd ;;Gotanswer: ;;->>HEADER andDNSlog... 2013:02:18-21:10:40gatekeepernamed[4207]:error(unexpectedRCODESERVFAIL)resolving'': 2013:02:18-21:10:40gatekeepernamed[4207]:error(unexpectedRCODESERVFAIL)resolving'': Regards Bill Cancel bulirich_01 0 19 Feb 2013 1:44 PM Formethislookslikeaproblemwiththereversezonehosting192.69.94.222.With"[email protected]"iget"dns4.volumedrive.com"and"dns3.volumedrive.com"inauthoritysection.Doinga"[email protected]"thengetsmea"SERVFAIL".Ialsogetafailfortheothertwoips.Doyouhave"RejectinvalidHELO/missingRDNS"activatedonyourUTM?IassumetheUTMischeckingtheRDNSonincomingmail.Incaseof192.69.94.222thereverselookupresultsina"SERVFAIL"andtheUTMrejectsthemailstemporarily.Lookslikethedesiredbehaviourforme.Then,oneoptionwouldbetodisableRDNSchecking,maybeonaexceptionbasisjustfortheseips.Orwaituntilvolumedrive.comgetsitsdnsserversupandrunningthereversezone...

Thanks by advance Tugdual DE LASSAT This message was posted to the following mailing lists:Exim-usersMailing List Info | Nearby MessagesRe: [exim] Faking an external SMTP server authenticated and with TLS...Re: [exim] http://0pacity.com/failed-to/module-disk-power-on-failed-failed-to-start-the-virtual-machine.html Nevertheless, it seems mail isn't accepted at the server. What's New? Anyone any ideas?

By that time the relevant variable ('key' in expand.c) has been expanded, so all we see is the text up to the newline (lookup of ">). To that extent exim works fine in that working TXT DNS lookups are handled correctly. I had just thought about that and tried it. http://0pacity.com/failed-to/carbon-datetime-construct-failed-to-parse-time-string.html If you really wanted to do that, please add --force Attempting to restart exim Waiting for exim to restart.... . . . . . . . . . .

The rule's expecting an integer, but getting a blank.... Copy/paste is much better than trying to edit the response :-( > Here's the whole copy/paste of an actual test: > > exim -be > > ${lookup dnsdb {>\n; txt=hsbc-online.co.uk}} > Whats the ticket also? #6 cPanelNick, Jun 8, 2007 mudduck Member Joined: Nov 23, 2005 Messages: 13 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 Ticket submitted: Support Request Id 195048 I

Any ideas are welcome..

I'd appreciate any assistance. cPanel Forums > cPanel & WHM® (for Linux® Servers) > E-mail Discussions > This site uses cookies. SeLLeRoNe - Andrea Iannucci DevOps Engineer - System Administrator If you need my support write me an E-Mail to [email protected] Reply With Quote Quick Navigation E-Mail Top Site Areas Settings Private Anyone any ideas?

Anyone any ideas? > > Any chance of getting the non-truncated error message, perhaps by > replicating at the { exim -be } command-prompt, or doing so with > debugging turned Reject mail at SMTP time if the spam score from spamassassin is greater than 15.0. Haveanyoneaidea? Check This Out igetthiserrorinthelogfile(failedtoexpandACLstring"${lookupdnsdb{>\n;txt=$sender_address_domain}}":lookupof"ptr=)atthetimewhenthesendermailgatewaystaybehindasmarthost.TheASGcan'tchecktherDNSfromthesendermailgateway,becausethemailfromthesenderistransferedoverthesmarthost.

derlekker 0 28 Jan 2013 11:11 AM HiBAlfson,ihaveonequestionmore:ichecktherdnsentryontheheise.desiteforthisdomain:PTR name: BAlfson 0 28 Jan 2013 3:37 PM Goodcatch! derlekker 0 30 Jan 2013 2:35 PM :-)..anotherquestion:194.xx1.xx4.xx2.in-addr.arpacanonicalname=194.xx1.xx4.xx2.in-addr.***as***.de194.xx1.xx4.xx2.in-addr.amasol.dename=mail.***as***.deisacnametoaptrrecordgerenalOK?ihavenotseenthisbefore...BecausemyUTMdon'tlikethisfromthismailgateway. Code: +++ 1bMVgC-0005EA-Pq has not completed +++ 2016-07-11 01:31:02 1bMVgC-0005EA-Pq DKIM: d=a********.com s=x c=relaxed/relaxed a=rsa-sha256 b=2048 [verification failed - signature did not verify (headers probably modified in transit)] 2016-07-11 01:31:02 1bMVgC-0005EA-Pq